7 tremendous simple and wholesome takeaway meals!

Our best ideas for a healthy dinner on the go

Grab and go meals are what we all need when carpooling after school activities, sports, meetings, etc. But I know what you’re thinking … take away meals, like prepackaged meals? No, HEALTHY takeaway meals like REAL meals that you can literally prepare the day before or the weekend before. Then you just have to PICK it (or keep it in a cooler) and off you go. You can be comfortable with your healthy diet and that of your active family.

To qualify for the Grab and Go category, it literally has to be in the hand and no utensils or plates are required. We’ve narrowed it down to our favorite takeaway and dinner ideas so you can keep moving without sacrificing diet or taste!

That deserves a high five now!

Let’s skip the recipes so you can grab and make them! Sounds good?

1) sandwiches

Vegetable sandwich served with apple slices

Packed with vegetables and protein, sandwiches are the perfect dinner on the go! Our children love:

2) hand pies or calzones

Hand pies are popular, delicious, and easy for kids to eat! And the best part about it? You can cram pretty much anything in it!

Broccoli calzone on brown paper served with marinara dip

Some of our favorites are:

3) quesadillas

Broccoli and cheese quesadillas stacked on a wooden board

Whether you roll them up or eat them flat, quesadillas are easy for kids to use in the car or on the go. Some of our favorites are:

4) Chicken fingers or tender

Chicken tender on a white platter

Chicken fingers were popularized by fast food restaurants and are a kid’s favorite! Some of our favorite recipes are

5) Wraps or Burritos!

Veggie burritos to take away!

A healthy take-away meal that’s packed with good nutrition and lots of flavors. Perfect for carpooling or a quick dinner after a sports event!

Rice and vegetable burritos wrapped in paper

6) pizza

Pita pizzas with vegetables

Which child has not eaten a pizza without plates or cutlery? Pizza, while it can be messy, is really a kid’s favorite Dinner idea! A couple of pizza recipes we like are:

7) falafel

Falafel is the vegetarian version of chicken nuggets or mini meatloaf!

Falafel served in a pita filled with vegetables, served in a bowl

Comfort eating healthy and portable! Add a bag of fruit or vegetables and you have the perfect hand-held meal on the go.

For those nights when you need something quickly and easily, take a look at our calendar from 30 last minute dinner ideas– one for every day of the week!

What’s your favorite healthy take away meal?

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