Authorities approves $ 783 million export-oriented herbal medication challenge primarily based on aloe vera

The government has approved a $ 783 million aloe vera-based herbal medicine manufacturing project for export, called the Aloe Vera Rural Economic Development Project in the Arid Zone, in the Anuradhapura District.

The Cabinet of Ministers on Monday approved a joint proposal by Land Minister SM Chandrasena and Finance Minister Basil Rajapasksa, Aura Lanka Herbals (Pvt) Ltd Viranjith Thambugala for the construction and maintenance of the factory and operational buildings as well as the warehouse and operational aspects of the project.

The total investment on the project is estimated at $ 783 million, including $ 300 million in capital investment, according to the Government Information Department.

Initially, the company plans to set up nurseries for the production of aloe vera seedlings on 2,000 hectares in the Rajanganaya and Nochchiyagama divisions, which will later be used for the establishment of a 102,000 hectare aloe vera plantation in the Anuradhapura district.

As part of the project, the company wants to produce energy-rich drinks, pills, ointments, inhalers and hair oils from aloe vera roots, tubers, gel and outer leaf parts.

“It is proposed to include families who own land with grants and licenses and families who use state land to grow the project,” the government information department said. The government has also agreed to provide applicable tax breaks for the project. According to Aura Lanka Herbals, it aims to improve local medicines by creating innovative products from the aloe vera plants while helping the economy.

“The idea is to develop Sri Lanka’s economy while at the same time strengthening local medicines through innovative products made from the aloe vera plants. We are expected to make our traditional techniques and local medicine known on the international market through the cultivation of aloe vera in the Anuradhapura district, ”it says.

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