Authorities is engaged on NHIS. to complement with herbal medication

Health news from Saturday September 4, 2021



The government is working to add essential herbal medicines to the list of medicines covered by NHIS

The government is working to add essential herbal medicines to the list of drugs covered by National Health Insurance, said Dr. Kofi Bobby Barimah, Acting Director of the Plant Medicine Research Center in Mampong.

Essential medicines are those that meet the primary health care needs of the population.

They are selected taking into account public health relevance, evidence on efficacy, safety and comparative cost-benefit ratio.

The government has a number of criteria and a policy to work with before adding a drug to the top drugs list.

Dr. Barimah said it was his center’s mission to make herbal medicine a natural choice for everyone, adding that the demand for herbal treatments has increased since the pandemic.

“Before Covid-19, 70 to 80 patients were in the clinic every day. Since COVID-19 it has risen to 100 to 140; That tells you that many Ghanaians use herbal medicine. “

At the launch of the herbal medicine Thorntina-74 blend in Accra, he added, “What is interesting is that the official policy of the Ministry of Health is integration, and this means that herbal medicine will be integrated into the health system, so if you visit about 50 health facilities , you have access to herbal medicine. I would also like to say that the Ministry of Health is now working to implement the inclusion of essential herbal medicine in statutory health insurance [scheme] to ensure that herbal medicine is accessible. “

He further announced that the center is working with KNUST on a clinical trial for one of its products to find a cure for COVID-19.

At the same event, Dr. Yaw Owusu Gyapong, MD of Diagnostic Herbal Clinic, said that the herbal treatment is slowly taking root in the country and urged everyone to support it.

He added the new drug [Thorntina-74] is made from carefully selected plants whose medicinal properties have already been proven by scientific data published in credible journals.

Thorntina-74 is a distillate made from a combination of different plant materials, formulated without additives and serves as a dietary supplement to release secondary plant substances including antioxidants.

This will boost the body’s immune system to fight disease naturally.

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