Counteract stress-induced immunosuppression with weight loss program

As could we Improvement of immune function in children and adults under physical or psychological stress?

Natural immunomodulators”-links that could regulate our immune system Naturally– “are receive More and more popular. NSe However, popularity often brings with it over-optimistic claims and mediocre effects. ”Such mythical creatures have been coveted for centuries. TThe current market is full of all kinds of nutritional supplements promises the golden fleece”-inexpensive and without page Effect and at the same time actively strengthens our immune systemS.. Many are just repeating Claims with hardly considerable sciencetifical background ” to support them. On the other hand, there is beta glucan that has gone through more than 10,000 scientific studies and clinical studies. Wait what If you remember bEta-Glucan is the fiber in nutritional yeast that I was talking about before in my video Preservation of immune function in athletes with nutritional yeast, and it is able to to decrease Episodes of common illness in young children. What about adults?

But, ffirst why? tilt Researcher just find a vaccine against the cold virus? Because there is not a single cold virus. Hunderwear from different viruses are involved with cold symptoms, which is why there is so much interest in a general, non-specific immune booster it is working across the borderas I discuss in my video Flashback Friday: Best food for stress-related immunosuppression.

Immunoglobulin A (IgA) is an antibody that plays a crucial role in the immune function of our moist membranes such as eyes, nose and mouth. As you can see at 1: 27th in my Video, B.Eta-Glucan Supplement Can increase age Level in saliva within four days at a daily dose of 400 mg, but not at 100mg. So, the effective be is found in approximately two Daily Teaspoon nutritional yeast, but half a teaspoon is ineffective. A single one The value of a teaspoon didn’t get much up to now Research participant exercised. As you can see in mine at 1:48 Video, Ttwo hours after a 50Exhausting minute To go biking In a hot, humid environment, those who took beta-glucan from yeast received this IgA boost. However, beta-glucans failed to increase the antimicrobial activity of white blood cells from Subjects that had taken Above a tablespoon is worth a dayas you can see in mine at 2:06 am Video. However, what is important to us is clinical Results. Do those who consume beta-glucans get significantly fewer infections?

How about a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled nutrition study to order see when yeast beta-glucan can improve our immune system? Sounds good! One hundred persons became followed for 26 weeks. Have fifty subjects about a tablespoon of nutritional yeast‘S worth of beta glucan per day, and got the other half a Placebo. Attendees counted how many episodes of the common cold they got and there was no significant difference. Iwhen you look only in the first half of the Duration of study, During the cold season there seemed to be fewer infections in the beta-glucan group, Bthe end go back and look at your data retrospectively is what’s the name of a post hoc analysis frowned upon by the scientific community because it increases the likelihood that your results are random. However, those who got sick while taking beta-glucan actually appeared to have milder symptomsas you can see in mine at 3:09 am Video. A similar, larger study would have similar findings. Tthe severity of the common cold might have decreased, but in the main analysis there was no significant difference in the incidence of colds.

As a matter of fact, “no significant differences between the treatment and placebo groups in the number of SRI [symptomatic respiratory infection] follow became seen in other studies, and since was nor significant effect on the results of an upper respiratory infection either. S.o, overall, the results were pretty disappointing.

But wait a second. What about mine previously Video that I mentioned at the beginning of this article? The one about the maintenance of immune function in athlete with nutritional yeast. In this video, I would have discussed how R.Researcher would have found a significant decrease in cold symptoms at two Weeks and at four Weeks after a marathon Cans of one Teaspoon of yeast‘S worth of beta glucan per day and Even at two teaspoons‘ Value. OK, the subjects had just run a marathon, although…but wait. Keep that in minde study where the only effect seemed show up after strenuous exercise? Beta-glucan seems to shine there: counteract the toll the Extreme physical exertion can impair our immune function.

With an athlete it can only mean some lost Training or Practice days, but for soldiers or firefighters, for example, maintain your own healtheven with heavy physical exertioncould be critical. Yes sir, Bbut that works the effects of. opposite physically emphasize. W.Hat over mental emphasize?

Stressful life events can affect our damp membrane defense, so that psychological stress [has] been shown to increase susceptibility to colds and increased episodes of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI). So we’re talking stressed people get more colds and worse colds than people who are less stressed. Can beta glucan help somehow? In a study with healthy women taking moderate psychological stress, those to take about a teaspoon of nutritional yeast‘S worth of beta glucans every Day for 12 weeks was 60 percent less likely to have symptoms such as a sore throat or the likeand or runny nose or cough. “This strongly recommendS. theBeta-glucan from yeast can counteract the negative effects of stress on the immune system,and, as you can see in mine at 5:24 Video, the Beta-glucan topics Experienced 41 percent greater force, that is a measure that includes physical energy, mental acuity and emotional wellbeing. So they just felt better, even.

If we put all the studies put together, yeast beta-glucans do appear to have “a immune-boosting effect, at least with children and with physical or emotional stress.


  • Beta-glucan, the fiber in nutritional yeast, is able to reduce episodes of more common illness in young children.
  • The antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA) is important for our moist membranes, including our eyes, nose and mouth.
  • About two teaspoons a day of nutritional yeast can increase salivary IgA levels within four days.
  • Ingesting beta-glucan from yeast can improve our immune systems and reduce the severity of colds.
  • Two and four weeks after the subjects ran a marathon, the researchers found doses of one or two teaspoons of beta-glucan per day to significantly reduce cold symptoms.
  • Beta-glucan appears to counteract extreme physical exertion and psychological stress.
  • Overall, yeast beta-glucans seem to have “an immune-boosting effect” in children and during physical or psychological stress.

Best food to prevent common childhood infections is the video I made about children’s immune function. What about Benefits of nutritional yeast in cancer?

S.some people probably however, shouldn’t eat nutritional yeast. See:

To learn more about foods that can support optimal immune function, see:

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