Easy bowl of candy potatoes and greens

This Sweet Potato and Greens Bowl is a delicious way to enjoy a combination of fall flavors and textures!

Sweet potatoes and vegetables are a staple in many households because of their versatility and because they are easy to find in most grocery stores and farmers markets.

This bowl contains a delicious fall ingredient that you might not buy that often – figs.

Not only do figs add a nice sweet taste to balance out the salty and savory ingredients, but they’re also incredibly high in fiber, with both soluble and insoluble fiber to help our digestive system stay regular and keep our blood sugar stable. Figs are also rich in minerals like manganese, magnesium, calcium, and potassium; All of these are important for cardiovascular health, bone health, and lowering blood pressure.

The combination of the ingredients in this bowl will hit almost all of your taste buds!

Use the Foundational Five to prepare this well balanced bowl of sweet potatoes and vegetables

In case you are new to the Nazi community and our method here, the Foundational Five system makes it easy for you to prepare balanced meals that will give your body the nourishment you need for sharp focus, calm digestion, sustained energy, and one need sound sleep and vigorous long-term health while having the flexibility to enjoy the foods you love.

The Foundational Five is made up of five nutritional elements including protein, fat, non-starchy carbohydrates, starchy carbohydrates, and the flavor factor (which adds liveliness, deliciousness, and enjoyment to your meals).

This recipe has all five elements in it, making it a well-balanced meal to enjoy!

You can Download our free guide who walks you through our Foundational Five system to create balanced meals to use for meal prep or fresh cooking this week!

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